Green picosecond laser

Ablator- PGreen series lasers have a typical output wavelength of 532nm, can achieve a maximum power output of 50W, the maximum single pulse energy is <50uJ, and the pulse width is controllable.

Category:Industrial Picosecond Lasers


product description
The new generation of Ablator-PGreenserieslasers adopts an all-in-one design, compact size, and newly upgraded control Control system, more stable operation and multiple control functions. The whole machine combines optical fiber seed source and solid-state hybrid amplification and frequency doubling technology.

It adopts advanced optical fiber solid mixing process, and has undergone reliability tests such as high temperature aging, high and low temperature shock, and vibration experiments to ensure the power stability and long-term reliability of the product: Ablator-PGreenserieslasers The typical output wavelength is 532nm, which can be Realize the highest power output of 50W, the maximum single pulse energy is less than 50uJ, the pulse width is controllable, in the PI film, LCP has no carbonization and cutting, FPC is open windows and other fields have excellent performance.
Product Features
All-in-one design, compact and compact
Frequency 800Khz-2Mhz optional
Optical fiber solid hybrid technology/frequency doubling technology
Superior industrial environment applicability and longevity
Application Fields
OLED cutting
PI film, LCP, etc. No carbonization cutting
FPC window, circuit board shape cutting



Main performance index of laser
parameters Units Ablator-PGreen-15 Ablator-PGreen-30 Ablator-PGreen-50
Work Mode   Pulse Pulse Pulse
Central Wavelength nm 532 532 532
Maximum output power W >15 >30 >50
PSO/POD function   Support Support Support
Repeat Frequency MHz 800-2000 800-2000 800-2000
Pulse width Ps <10 10-15 >15
Number of pulses   1-10 1-10 1-10
Polarization    Linear Polarization Linear Polarization Linear Polarization
Extinction Ratio dB  >20   >20   >20 
Maximum single pulse energy uJ  <50 <50 <50
Beam Quality   ≤1.2  ≤1.3  ≤1.3 
Output spot diameter mm 2.0±0.3 2.0±0.3 2.0±0.3
Power Stability  % <1 <1 <1
Pulse Stability % <1 <1 <1
Output optical power adjustable range % 0-100 0-100 0-100
Work Environment        
Input Voltage VDC 220 220 220
Operating Temperature  20-30  20-30 20-30
Storage temperature 0-60 0-60 0-60
Power consumption W 1500  1500  1500 
Volume mm 738x506x195 738x506x195 738x506x195
Weight  kg 75 75 75