2um high power continuous fiber laser

PulseX Laser independently developed 2um high power continuous fiber laser (PXP-2000) can output single mode continuous laser with wavelength range of 1900nm-2050nm, line width <1nm, power up to 30W, with high beam quality M²<1.2 close to the diffraction limit.

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PXP-2000 (2-micron high-power CW fiber laser) is a high-power 2-micron CW fiber laser independently developed by Pacos Laser. It can output a single-mode CW laser with a wavelength range of 1900nm-2050nm, a line width of <1nm, and a power of up to 30W. It has a high beam quality close to the diffraction limit M²<1.2. 2 micron high-power CW fiber laser is suitable for PMMA, PC /ABS is used for welding of transparent plastic materials in the biomedical field, and can also be used as a pump light source for mid-infrared lasers in the scientific research field.

Technical advantages:

·wavelength can be customized

·Excellent power stability

· Diffraction limited beam quality

·Easy to use and maintenance free

·Turnkey system


·plastic welding and cutting

· Medical Surgical Equipment

·Solid state laser pump source

·Transparent material processing

· Spectroscopy


Laser parameters

Operating wavelength

1900-2000 nm (1908&1940 nm typical)

Spectral linewidth

< 1 nm

Average Power

30 W (air cooling); 70 W (water cooling)

Power stability

<1% RMS(12h@25℃)

Spot diameter

5 mm

Beam Quality Factor


Output polarization

Random/Linear Polarization

Output method

Fiber collimator output

Electrical, environmental and mechanical parameters

Supply Voltage


Operating Temperature

15-35 ℃

Working humidity

20~80 (non-condensing)

Machine weight

20 Kg

Aspect Dimensions



Air cooling; water cooling