SMP single mode laser

PXP-SMP series high-stability single-mode laser pump source is a high-stability pump source independently developed and produced by PulseX Laser for high-power fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, etc. It has a built-in single-tube pump laser and outputs high power .

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product description

PXP-SMP series high-stability single-mode laser pump source is a high-stability pump source independently developed and produced by PulseX Laser, which is used in high-power fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, etc. power. This product adopts advanced microprocessor control system, high-precision ATC and ACC (APC) control circuit to achieve high and stable laser output. At the same time, according to customer requirements, the corresponding communication interface and control software can be provided to realize the control of the host computer.
PXP-SMP series high-stability multi-mode laser pump source light source adopts multi-level protection measures to avoid the damage of current, voltage and reverse ASE light to the laser, ensuring long-term stable and safe operation of the laser; using a high-definition LCD display, The output power is continuously adjustable, and the working temperature, working time and output power are displayed synchronously, which is very suitable for experimental scientific research and production testing. This product can communicate wirelessly with the mobile client app to realize remote control of the light source and improve the convenience of scientific research users. In addition, the company can also provide modular packaging according to user requirements, which is convenient for system integration.

Product Features
High Power Output
Active Wavelength Locking Technology
Built-in isolation protection
Mobile client app remote control
High Stability and High Reliability
LCD status display
High precision ATC and ACC control circuit

Application Fields
Double-Clad Ytterbium Fiber Pumping
Double-clad Erbium-Ytterbium Co-doped Fiber Pumping
Double-clad fiber lasers, amplifiers
Spectral analysis
Test Measurement
Other applications



Main performance index of laser
parameters Units PXP-SMP
  Minimum Typical Maximum
Center wavelength nm 974 976 977
803 808 813
788 793 798
Output Power mW 200-1400 (different wavelengths have different powers, customized according to needs)
Power Adjustment Range % 0   100
spectral width nm   0.5  
Side Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR) dB   20  
Power Stability   %(15 minutes)   ±0.5 ±1.0
Power Stability  %(8 hours)   ±1.0  ±2.0
Output power adjustment method   Knob adjustment, host computer adjustment, mobile app adjustment (customizable)
Operating Temperature  5 25 50
Operating Humidity  % 20 55 80
Input Voltage V AC-220V 
Communication interface     USB-Type-cRS232(customized) 
Output Fiber Type   Single mode, PM fiber optional 
Output Fiber Length m >1 
Cooling    Active air cooling
Chassis Dimensions  mm 205(L)*160(W)*64(H)  
Warm Up Time  s 30

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