Do fiber lasers emit radiation and pollution?
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Do fiber lasers emit radiation and pollution?

Do fiber lasers emit radiation and pollution?

The main hazards of laser radiation are eyes and burns. All regular laser products are generally labeled with classification labels. In addition to graphic and text warnings, the labels also contain information such as wavelength, total output power, and

I. Does the fiber laser have radiation and pollution?

Lasers can only produce visible or invisible laser light, which is trapped in optical fibers and cannot spread to the surrounding environment. When the surrounding circuits work at high frequencies, certain electromagnetic fields may be generated, but the energy of these electromagnetic fields is too small and the frequency is too low. It simply cannot travel very far, and the radiation produced is only strong enough to interfere with surrounding electronics.

Second, laser safety levels and dangers

The level of laser is an international standard classification, which has passed the classification method recognized by the scientific community all over the world. This facilitates the unification of safety levels of laser equipment and national trade. The classification is divided into: first-level, second-level, third-level, and fourth-level, with a total of 4 levels. The higher the classification level, the greater the risk. Laser grade regulations must be marked on the laser system with Roman numerals. All regular laser products generally have a classification label. In addition to graphic and text warnings, the label also contains the following information: wavelength, total output power, and laser classification.

The following is a description of the fourth-class laser:

1. Security level: Level 1. Laser power: less than 0, 5 mW, safe laser, first-class laser will not cause harm to human health under normal use conditions, but such products must also ensure that the use of laser radiation prevents workers from entering the laser radiation during the work process. area design.

2. Security level: Level 2. Laser power: 1 mW, this level of laser has low-power, visible lasers. Humans can protect themselves by blinking and reflexing against strong light, but looking directly at too long will bring danger. Some require the posting of warning signs.

3. Security level: Level 3. The third level is further divided into 3a and 3b.

Class 3a laser, laser power: 1mW to 5mW, Class 3a laser is the same as Class II, and a warning sign needs to be posted on the laser light outlet. The human eye only sees for a short time, and the human eye will play a certain protective role in the protective reflection of light. However, if the light spot enters the human eye when it is focused, it will cause damage to the human eye.

Class 3b laser, laser power: 5 mW, to 500 mW, may cause injury if viewed directly or diffusely reflected. Class 3b lasers are generally marked with a "hazard" sign, and although they are harmful to the eyes, there is less risk of fire or skin burns if the light spot is not focused. However, it is still recommended to wear eye protection when using this level of laser.

4. Security level: four levels. Laser power: more than 500 mW, this level of laser has great damage to eyes and skin, direct reflection and diffuse reflection will cause damage. All Class 4 laser equipment must carry a "Danger" sign. Class 4 lasers can also damage materials near the laser and ignite flammable substances. When using this class of lasers, wear eye protection as in class 3b.

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